Sixth Form Life

We are delighted that you are considering the Sixth Form at St Teilo’s Church in Wales High School as the next step in your academic career. We know that all of our students receive the best possible opportunity to make a success of their time in school, achieved through a combination of excellent courses, superb facilities, dedicated and highly skilled teaching, and an environment that cares for every single student.


We are fortunate to have our own dedicated Sixth Form spaces, including a large Sixth Form Study Centre, Sixth Form Cafe and a silent study area exclusively for Sixth Form students in the school library.  Sixth Form students are also issue with a copy of the “free rooms timetable” every week, and are permitted to use available classrooms for independent and group study with the prior permission of the class teacher.


Course Choices – A Bespoke Pathway Designed Around You

Students will receive advice and guidance around their subject choice from application, through enrolment and on into their studies.  There is no “one-size-fits-all” model for post-16 study.  Whilst some students will excel at GCSE and may take up to 4 subjects at AS, there are some that may have underachieved at GCSE and will require additional Level 2 qualifications to “top up” their current grade profile.  Some students are better suited to vocational pathways whilst for others a highly academic route is more appropriate.  Through discussion with students and parents/carers, a pathway that is most suited to each individual student will be developed; a pathway that will support them in achieving their very best out of their time in the Sixth Form.


School Day for Sixth Formers

All Sixth Form students are required to be on site between 8.40am and 12.30pm.  If students do not have timetabled lessons after 12.30pm they may take their study sessions off site, however we would recommend avoiding commitments such as work and driving lessons in this time, as there may be occasions when you are required to remain on site until the end of the school day.


Academic and Pastoral Support

The challenges of Sixth Form are not just limited to the jump in the standard of work; the transition from GCSE pupil to Sixth Form student can be a difficult one to navigate.  The Sixth Form Team are here to support you throughout your time with us, with a dedicated Achievement Leader and Assistant Achievement Leader to support you with any issues that may arise, and a Raising Standards Leader with exclusive focus on the Sixth Form to support with your progress in your studies.  A sixth form counsellor is available for students that require additional support.

Careers and University Information, Advice and Guidance

Throughout the year there are workshops and talks delivered by colleagues from Universities, Apprenticeship Training Advisors and Employers.  Further information about support for students applying to University can be found on our UCAS Support and Information page.

All sixth form students are invited to make an appointment with our dedicated Careers Wales Adviser.  These appointments can be made via the Librarian.  The LRC also has a wide range of opportunities that are posted on the notice board, from the Careers Wales Vacancy Bulletin to Internships with multi-national corporations.  Opportunities will also be circulated to students via school email, and listed in the Sixth Form Bulletin.


Social Opportunities and Events

The sixth form is delighted to have a Senior Prefect Committee that is dedicated to developing opportunities for Social Activities for Sixth Form students.  These include a Sixth Form cultural visit to London, ice skating, quiz nights and other opportunities.  The jewel in the crown of this fantastic programme is the Sixth Form Prom, often one of the highlights of students’ time in the Sixth Form. Students that have a particular area of interest or hobby that they would like to share with other students are encouraged to lead their own groups, with the support of the Sixth Form Team.


Get Involved

The Senior Prefect Team consists of five subcommittees: Faith, Representation, Well-being; Charity and Community and Social Activities and Prom.  The Senior Prefect Team and the subcommittees will plan and lead on events and initiatives to promote and improve these five important areas.  Students that are entering Year 13 are invited to apply for the role of Senior Prefect and, if successful will be interviewed by the Sixth Form Team and a member of the Senior Leadership Team for a position.  Year 12 students are invited to join these sub-committees as associate prefects – an excellent opportunity to support your school and develop transferable skills that are so desired by employers.

To find out more about day-to-day life in the Sixth Form, follow us on Twitter:  @Teilos6thForm